Time again for a trip to the west coast and the southern part of
Sweden to visit bird breeders and other like minded. We were away
for five days, and just as the last year we travelled 2000km. This
time we visited some new breeders with very exotic and rare birds.

It is not easy to be little, even if you are going to be a big White Cockatoo,
the food gets everywhere and it is hard work to reach the edge of the box…

A rare species, Blue-eyed Cockatoo, but we were not fooled.

And if possible, even more rare, Gang Gang Cockatoo. The name refers to
its sound; “-gang gang gang…” all the time. As you can see, the male and
female differs, the male has a read cap. This went to be one of our favourites
among Cockatoos; they were very charming as they climbed around in the cage.

This compact and very lively bird was nearly impossible to take a picture of;
their goal was to sit on the net just in front of the camera. After many retries
and some photo montage, they finally got on the same picture.

On the film page there is a film showing the little fellows.

Major Mitchell's Cockatoo came in droves; nevertheless, they are still very beautiful.

Slender-billed Corella. Wonder if it hurts when they bite?

Red-tailed Cockatoo's bite must hurt a lot when it is one of the biggest Cockatoos.


Sulphur-crested Cockatoo.

One of our favourites, Belize Yellow-headed Amazon (Amazona ochrocephala belizensis).

And if possible, even better, Yellow-headed Amazon (Amazona ochrocephala oratrix).

Festive Amazon, sadly, the lady in question did not want to show her back for the photograph.

Vinaceous Amazon is another rare species.

The Rainbow Lory is very colourful…

…And their chicks, as all chicks, are very cute.

Yellow Bibbed Lori.

The Yellow-streaked lory has also a colourful plumage.

This is much harder to see on the Black lory, nevertheless, its plumage shimmers beautifully in reality.

Blue-throated Macaw, not to be mixed up with Blue and Gold Macaw.

Buffon's Macaw.

The Hyacinthine Macaw’s tongue is as you can see, not small.

Scarlet Macaw.

This flock of beautiful Sun Conures was within a lovely aviary.

Golden Conure. This species, big as an Amazon looked so nice
and had such a fond behaviour, that they got two pictures.

And finally a Halmahera Eclectus Parrot, this is the female, all males are green.