During one week in autumn 2002 Gobi had a romance with Origo who is a 35 year old
Panama Yellow-fronted Amazon. Origo was visiting us while her kitchen was being redone.

Gobi's best friend is a Yellow-headed Amazon named Stisse.

Here you can see Wille a Red-lored Amazon and Stisse having fun in our climbing tree.

Sometimes we also invite other bird lovers.

Once a month our bird club has a meeting. This picture shows our new premises in Stockholm.
On our movie page you can see Fia adding comments when our chairman Dan is trying to speak.

We have just gotten two new friends! Grynet, a small female White-fronted Amazon is trying to charm
Youschi. He is hesistant however, and with good reasonas Grynets best friend and life partner is...

...Manne, a huge Mealy Amazon. However Manne is just one
year old and has not as yeat, learned to sit or walk very well...

Finally we get a good shot at Wille, a Red-lored Amazon, here at a picnic with the bird club.

This is Enok who lived with us during autumn and winter 2003-2004.