Hooligan number one caught in action

(3-6/1) The year started with the Sollentuna fair north of Stockholm. Stisse and Gobi are posing.

(20/1) A sewing machine and sewing thread spools are great fun.

Sometimes they find you doing things you’re not supposed to do.

(22/1, 26/2) During the winter there were two club meetings, and as always Stisse was there.

(15/3) In March it was already warm enough to go out for a short period of time. Only Gobi
however, as the others had not as yet been wing clipped and were therefore still able to fly.

(20/3) In early spring, you get that "spring feeling"; this is Gobi posing in front of his house...

(27/3) ...Youschi doing his mating dance...

(6/4) ...And Fia is trying to find a nest, however in the wrong place.

(20/4) On the first warm spring day, we are newly wing clipped and released on the lawn. What
happens then? Three parrots walk away in three different directions...KEEP TOGETHER!

Gobi plucks coltsfoot.

It’s not that easy to walk in this terrain with such big feet…

The idea was to take a picture like this.

(21/4) Youschi in the country.

Gobi out in the same field.

Being out is fun, but it’s hard work.

The journey continues over May - June.