(1/5) During the weekend we visited our cottage at Älvkarleby 150km north of Stockholm.

...but the weather was so lousy that we had to stay indoors where it was nice and warm.

(11/5) Finally time to be out again, but as all children we refused a group picture.

Gardening was on the agenda and Gobi is giving a helping hand…uh beak.

Terrain driving was also on the list; here you see an obstacle easily being forced.

More terrain driving.

And finally a picture of a green tree creeper.

(18/5) Even more spring flowers to eat into, this time cherry blossom.

Cherry blossom is lovely!

Gobi, too heavy for the twigs, decided to "monkey around" instead...

(8/6) Traditionally, the Stockholm bird club have their last meeting outside just before
the summer break. Around thirty members attended the gathering in the summer heat,
at the Bergianska garden. Many brought their birds with them.

Gobi defends his ice cream stick against a small Senegal parrot. The little fella
was persistent, but in the end he had to give up. Half an hour later, the unexpected
happened. Suddenly, the Senegal parrot flew away!!! Swiftly he flew around the
corner of a nearby house, but where to? Luckily there were over thirty bird lovers
around to help. He had been wing clipped, but new feathers had grown out!

...However, after forty five minutes of searching we found the little rascal
sitting on a rock and quickly thereafter, his featherswere re-cliped...

...Home again with his mate.

Moral: always check that your bird hasn’t got to many feathers back before
you take it outside, if it doesn’t fall more or less like a rock when it tries to fly,
then it can travel great distances - even against the wind or downhill.

(15/6) Barbecue at Stisses place - Gobi and Stisse are fooling around in the apple tree.

(28/6) An extra last meeting with the bird club shortly before the summer holidays.
The meeting was held at Fjärilshuset (butterfly house) in Hagaparken.

Manne and Grynet were also there, Manne is so cute that he gets
a picture of his own. There is also a film on Manne.

The journey continues over July - September.