(4/7-9/7) Home again after a six day road trip through southern Sweden to visit
bird breeders and other parrot owners.

Some data: 2000km, sleeping accommodation in four different places, 550 pictures with
a total of 1,7GB data. We have during the trip been seeing a thousand birds of many different
species, among others 16 species of Amazon parrot, seven of Macaws, ten Cockatoos
and up to 50 other species of Parakeet, Finch etc. A big “Thank you!”to all of you who
took your time with us and let us see so much! The picture shows a Yellow-naped Amazon.

Youschi at the Öresundsbron (The road/train bridge to Denmark).
We have reached the end of Sweden, time to turn back north!

We saw this traffic sign in Malmö. Sad to say, it was needed.
By the roadside lay several dead Mallards.

In the bird park at Helsingborg we came across an old friend; Harald a Yellow-winged
Amazon (left). About two years ago, he had to be re-housed due to problems at home.
He seemed to be thriving; he even had ladies in the "room".

Harald in the picture above is a Yellow-winged Amazon Amazona aestiva xanthopteryx,
normally it’s hard to tell them apart from the nominate form Blue-fronted Amazon
Amazona aestiva aestiva. This wonderful specimen however, leaves you in no doubt!

For the first time we also got the chance to see other Youschi's (Tucumán Amazons).
Their shrill cries and boisterous behaviour was exactly the same as Youschi's.
We could clearly hear their shrill cries among thirty other Amazon parrots.

A Green winged Macaw who is busy eating.

Youschi is a small Amazon parrot, and he becomes even smaller compared to the biggest
parrot, the Hyacinth Macaw. Even though, the picture lies when Youschi is closer to the camera.

(10-14/7) After the long trip through the southern part of Sweden we went up north to
Härnösand at the east coast. But it was so hot that a shower was a must.

(9/8) Another meeting with Stockholms bird club, this time at the Haga-park.
Grynet (left) was as always after Youschi, here hiding behind a handbag.

(1/7-9/8) What does these two birds have in common? They both have escaped from their
owners and been flying freely in the city. This summer’s heat has left to many windows
open and therefore let out our beloved winged friends. During the last month we have
been seeing three Budgies, one Eastern Rosella and Charlie, a Blue-and-Yellow Macaw out
in the free. But Charlie didn’t fly away, he got stolen one warm day.

We have managed to catch the Eastern Rosella, two of the Budgies and of course Charlie.

(10/8) Today we went to a bird breeder in Stockholm;
it was great fun when there were many lovely birds and juveniles…

… wich are about 40 days old. The Red-lored- and Blue-fronted Amazons were extremely cute.

Three times a day they get fed and they eat a lot, around 10% of their own weight each time!

(31/8) Where did the summer go? Finally a warm day when we can be out and enjoy ourselves.

Enok, who is fully feathered but flies as good as a rock was also allowed to be out this day.

(4/9) The bird club had its first meeting for the season and some had unquestionably learned to fly.

(9/9) The local radio station had a competition about who could say most nonsense
in radio. Gobi, Stisse and Enok went for the victory together; their plan was to laugh
hysterically in the live sending. The whole staff had a hard time to say anything
meaningful, because they too were laughing hysterically. But the victory went to the
Beo starling Peter who tactically shouted “Tyst” ("Silence!").

(25/9) The "big ones" has been away for a week and when they came back found they
out that we had begun to moult, we looked more like hedgehogs than birds…

The journey continues over October - December.