(2/10) Another regular meeting with the bird club. The Vasa parrot “Zappa” was also there.

(4/10) To moult is hard work. You get tired of producing new feathers and it’s a never
ending procedure of keeping your feathers in good trim. Despite that we took a
weekend tour to our cabin at Älvkarleby 150 km north of Stockholm.

(6/10) There is much to do for Filuren, there is playing with his toys…

…and helping Enok with his feathers. He is hopeless and wants help all the time!

(11/10) The winter is getting close, only a few days are warm enough to be out and
have fun. Only Filuren and Gobi are allowed to be out, the others are more or less
fully feathered and can fly and must stay in their cages when outside.

(23/10) Bird party! Moppe, Milla (Goffin's Cockatoo), Wille, Grynet and Manne
portraying above when playing, came to see us.

(25-26/10) The last trip to Älvkarleby this year.
Outside shone the sun, but Youschi had to stay inside.

It's really nice to sit and cuddle in the sun, but we wanted to get out!

Outside wasn’t as warm as inside in the warmth from the stove,
but a clear blue sky and no wind made wonders this day!

But in the shadow on the north side was it much cooler, something white and cold
was lying on the ground and the water was covered with something hard that
prohibited us from taking a bath!

Winter is here, and we probably won’t get out any more this year :o(

(1-2/11) The yearly bird society annual meeting and Swedish championship was this
year in Höganäs. Many birds of many different species were there, unfortunately only
a few of them were big parrots.

On our trip down to Höganäs we slept over at our friends Anders and Anna.
This little fellow slept next to us.

(6/11) Our own bird clubs annual meeting, The Lilacine Amazon “Emil” and Filuren cuddles.

(7/11) Finally all feathers are in place!

(8/11) At this time of the year it’s nice to lie in the bed and cuddle…

(6-15/11) Manne and Grynet are visiting us when their "big
ones" are in Tunisia to escape the dark season in Sweden.

And as always when you are visiting others there is a lot of fun. Manne who can fly
unlike Grynet who can’t is everywhere in the apartment. When flying it reminds you
of a B:52 bomber and he always has problem with landings…

...Grynet who still can’t fly gets angry when Manne flies away. When this is impossible
to show in a picture the picture above instead shows Grynet in a jam jar.

Now and then everything is peaceful, then there is time for play.

(16/11) We were visiting some friends to the "big ones".
You better behave when they don't have any birds...

(19/11) Filuren playing with an egg carton.

Click to see a bigger picture!

(30/11) We have ordered a picture of Youschi, isn't he gorgeous?
First we got this scanned picture via Internet , when the artist
lives in Spain. Later we got the original and it's simply amazing!
Click on the picture to see a much bigger picture!
(1618*2262 pixels)

Note that Internet Explorer automatically resizes the picture to fit
the window, keep the mouse over the picture and click on an orange
square with blue arrows to see the picture in full size.

(7/12) Fia flies like a god now, you must always keep an eye at her when she is
everywhere. Here you see her easily hanging from one of the kitchen cupboards....

(13/12) Eleven days to Christmas, but the "big ones" already got some new toys...
A new flash for the camera will help in the winter darkness.

Christmas preparation involves baking. Even though it's not for parrots, Gobi wants some.

A Christmas photograph must be taken, but we were all confused when no one told
us that we all were needed for the picture. We had more important things to do, but
on the other hand, there were plenty of sweets on the table. The story goes that the
"big ones" had to clean the kitchen for half an hour after the photograph was taken.
"GOD JUL!" - Swedish for Merry Christmas!

(24/12) Breakfast at Christmas Eve, family Autumnalis enjoys the toast (Filuren and Emil).

(26-28/12) Exhibition at Fjärilshuset (A greenhouse full of butterflies and birds) in Stockholm,
our club was invited to present ourselves and our birds. Gobi got tired from all the visitors.

The three wise men were also there…

…and the Thunmans family (here we clearly see the difference in size between one
of the biggest and the smallest Amazon parrot)

...just as Youschi and Stisse.

Fia who is about to build a nest was busy finding a man. Here she is
enjoying Bengts sandwich, he has had a blue fronted for 47 years.

The journey continues over 2004!