(3-6/1) Another exhibition! This time at the pet fair at Sollentuna Expo Center.

As usual we presented different birds, here a beautiful Orange winged amazon.

But also much smaller birdslike these wonderful Astrilds...

...and Black headed caique, they är not that big but very nice.

Many children wanted to see the birds.

(8/1) First meeting with the bird club after the exhibitions, but we couldn't get acces to the premises!
The janitor was nowere to be seen, luckily there was one person next door that let us in in another local.

Grynets sister or brother was there, one day when Grynet has moulted she will also look this great!

(11-31/1) Even tough we don’t feel the spring yet, the birds have understood that
it is springtime and that means mating season! Now it’s time to find a nice nest…

...and Fia is hopeless, she climbs, flies to and bites in everything she can reach.

She has also found out how to open the cupboards, happily
she goes in and starts biting in what she can find there.

Youschi is also trying to find a nest and does his mating dance at least once a day.

Gobi and Emil have found each other in these hormone influenced times, they preen and
feed each other. They also do the mating dance daily and try to find a nest. To preen another
bird is something Gobi probably never has done during his more than 35 year long life.

(1/2) Dinner at Manne and Grynets place. This is what we call a climbing tree!
Now we too must keep our eyes open for a windswept pine tree.

(5/2) Enok is aggressive all the time, the hormones flows thick in him. He has also started to fly.

(22/2) Youschi tries to find a nest; everything is of interest, including the bed.

Winter is hard, you are not allowed to be out and it is always dark, let's sleep.

(7/3) Enok is flying more and more and as you can see his wings are in perfect shape.

(24/3) While waiting to be wing clipped and get out, we train indoor...

Filuren and Enok are studying Gobis house.

(26-27/3) As we have mentioned before Enok should only stay with us for a while...

...Now he has moved to his new home, a farm in southern Sweden...

...After only half an hour where Enok and his new mistress friends,
they go out together and look after the horses.

Emil has also after some resting moved to a new home. When there
are only a few breeding pairs of Lilacine amazons in Sweden…

...he has moved together with Ida, here seen with her brother

We also had some time to see some other birds, here is an Illiger’s Macaw.

And here a beautiful Bronze winged Pionus parrot.

(28/3) Finally Springtime! First day out for Filuren and Gobi who cannot fly.
The others must wait some more weeks before their wings are clipped.

The journey continues over April - June!