(1/4) Time for a group picture again, also this time the cooperation between
the photograph and the model was catastrophic, but the result got OK.

(3/4) Warm weather again, Gobi rests on someone’s (read masters) more vital parts.

(10/4) Filuren found a big Cypress which he quickly entered. There he climbed
around for more than an hour biting in everything before we picked him down.

(11-19/4) Gobis friend Stisse stayed with us for a week. He
could not go to Tenerife and visit their enormous bird park.

(18/4) Another warm day, Gobi and Filuren are examining
the Edvard Anderssons greenhouse from outside.

(21/4) Yep, and now we are TV celebrities too. Almost one
hour on prime time showing us and other pet owners...

...But we must say that we are not as energetic as on the show. Most
of the time we are timid, but who want to see sleeping birds on TV?

(25/4) Last weekend before Youschi and Fia are allowed to be out...

...Newly clipped, the will also ravage in the nature, flowers and buds will snap...

(1-2/5) New group picture again, the old one saying "Happy Eastern" was now really obsolete!

The first trip to the summer house, Filuren and Gobi who
now were used to the freedom examined everything...

...For example, what’s under the house? A project not supported
by the big ones! As you can see Fia kept a lower profile.

Fia and Youschi who just got clipped were not at all that active. They were mostly sleeping.

(8/5) Visit at Spånga high school, where they among other things educate animal keepers.
They have a lot of animals from many different areas. The crow is one animal that inspires
respect and at the same time beauty. It is very big, intelligent and its bill powerful. A parrot’s
beak seems ridiculous in comparison. Sadly, the old legends still thrive and people illegally
tries to have a crow as a pet. But a crow is not suitable as a pet and the often fail. The result
is free flying crows not afraid of humans and therefore attacking us. The schools crows have
this background and are now in a breeding program for the rest of their lives.

(16/5) Uppsala tropical society had a small exhibition this sunny day in
Uppsala Botanical garden where Carl von Linné once worked. Lots of trees,
but they all where within large pots and Filuren did not manage to find a way up.

Also budgies and bourkes parakeet where to be seen.

Alice, a severe macaw where there too.

(19-23/5) Up to the cottage again, but no summer in sight,
three four degrees Celsius and hail. Time to soften indoors…

...reading a magazine...

...except Filuren who as always where running around. Look at these magnificent roots!

(1/6) June, the last period have not had much time for us…

(5/6) And now it is time again, a new trip to the southern part of Sweden, this
time to visit the bird hobby day arranged by the Swedish bird breeders' society and was kept in
Helsingborg. You could listen to presentations and mingle with other like-minded.

We visited the bird park in Helsingborg too. Here you can see a colourful Scarlet-chested Parrot juvenile.

Breakfast is served to the Yellow fronted amazons, a near relative to Gobi

One of our favourites, Double yellow headed amazon (Amazona ochrocephala oratrix).

Blue-and-gold macaw and Hyacinth macaw where also to be seen. The latter depressed when her partner recently died.

Leadbeater's Cockatoo does not look that amazing, but when the crest rises it is
very gorgeous. The under side of the wings are also very beautifully colored in pink.

(9/6) Pick nick in Hagaparken with our closest friends.

A new and very delightful acquaintance was the African grey named Wilma, a brisk joyful lady.

Manne and Grynet vere also there. Manne in a parrot harness and Grynet
who finally got her feathers back after a bad diet were really beautiful!

(11-13/6) Up to Härnösand (way up north) to visit our relatives, Gobi stole the show when he destroyed the oilcloth...

The journey continues over July - September.