(23/6) Since we became TV celebrities, Youschi gets to his
satisfaction the “Milk package thingy” sent to him, thank you!

(25/6) I cannot swim, but a picture in the reeds is always welcome...

The forever rebuilding of the cottage is almost finished. Hopefully there will then be time for us again...

(3/7) Vacation and that means time for us to go on a tour. Another
trip to southern Sweden and hopefully to Norway are on the agenda.

(5-9/7) It was time again for a journey to the west coast and southern
Sweden.The intention was to visit bird keepers and meet like-minded.
As last summer, the trip was 2000 km and over 400 pictures were taken.

Day one, we came to Gothenburg and Filuren plays around in the grass.

Every night meant a new place to sleep, and the standard varied a lot...

On the famous beach outside Halmstad named Tylösand were
only sea birds and it was far too cold and windy to take a bath.

The last day we visited our friends in Kristianstad, Anna and
Anders. Outside their door this gang was watching us.

We also managed to visit our old beaver Enok. He was fit as a fiddle, wood
splinters flew through the air, and he was more furious than ever. As you can
see he now has a friend, a Red-lored Amazon. It is amazing what wonders
nine months in good hands can do!

There are another 25 pictures from the trip under Pictures/Trip 2004

(16-24/7) We hardly came home, until a new trip was about to start. This time on a
scuba diving trip to Norway (not we, the “big ones”). We had to come along despite
the bureaucracy with the custom; the reason was that no one could look after us
during mid summer. To travel from Sweden to Norway with CITES listed birds
means a lot of paper work when Norway is outside the European Union.

Youschi was to lazy to fly to the top for a picture, he insisted to sit on the hand despite the
short distance to the top of the Trollveggen cliff. Trollveggen in Norway is only 1200m high.

This trip was also long, 1000 km one way. It took 13 hours there
and 16 hours home again. Luckily we are used to traveling...

Finally there! The trip was long, but it was worth it. The diving centre was located almost in the
Atlantic Ocean, between Molde and Kristiansund, south of Trondheim. Here you can see
the mountains nearly 1000m high; in the other direction is the ocean and lots of sea birds.

We came with fine weather to Norway, the week we where
there had no wind and sometimes the sun came out…

...Then it was a real idyll.

This was worse, the catfish looks extremely nasty. Luckily it is dead!

(27-30/7) Back to the old procedures again, a trip to Älvkarleby.

(20/8) This is the punishment for being able to fly! We are supposed to attend
some kind of bird meeting soon and the big ones are afraid that I fly away…

(21/8) A harness is totally useless! But what can you do? I cannot get rid of this nuisance!

(22/8) The fourth Bird gathering this summer outside the Maritime Museum in
Stockholm, but the first for us when we managed to be away on the first three
occasions (talk about bad planning). The event is held for the second year and
is only about meeting other birds and their owners. There is no organization behind
this, just a few dedicated persons that states when the gatherings should be.

This last time for the year there were over a 100 merry bird owners of all ages and
most of them had their birds with them, some in cages and some without. To our
joy, the majority was amazons.

(21-23/8) Filuren is a real climber, he is often silent and when
you search for him, you find him in the most impossible places... here, it must be possible to reach the string for the
blinds, even though they are gathered to be out of reach!

(29/8) Pick nick in the green grass, Filuren is busy examining what’s hiding in it.

If you wonder why there are so few pictures of Fia, the
answer is that she always sits on someone’s shoulder.

(3-5/9) We have a new cage up at the cottage, with a view over the river and two rooms.

Autumn is here, time to go out and pick mushrooms! The forests are full of them.

(10-12/9) Autumn is knocking on the door, time to stay inside and cuddle...

...but some are pushing it too far.

(18/9) Jälla day in Uppsala, the agricultural school at Jälla outside Uppsala was presenting
themselves – We presented ourselves and showed them how it was to be a parrot.

Some birds were behind bars to easily be displayed, others were not...

When you are on an exhibition, you must show your best side.

In the evening we went to Mannagrynet for dinner. They have nowadays a really
fancy house, where they can fly freely, and an aviary outside waiting next spring.

(19/9) The aviary club of Västerås (West of Stockholm) had an exhibition.
As every year before, they had a great variety of birds, from turkeys and
small birds, to parrots. The picture shows a Glossy Starling.

(28/9) Bang! Tear and pull, and sudenly the crisps are on the floor... I am not allowed
to eat crisps. Nevertheless, when they are on the floor, you must act swiftly.

Filuren likes image processing, but why can they not be preened?

The journey continues over October - December.