(9/10) Reasonable weather, harness on and out to the tree! It was not that easy, but
after some whining, Youschi realized that despite the harness, it was quite fun to
be out. Then he did not know that the new dainty harness was made for guinea pigs…

Filuren was not that eager to wear harness. Nevertheless, when Gobi was at his side it went rather well.

Fia refused to wear harness, when in place, she was totally unreachable.

(10/10) It was the last minute we got out, the day after it was winter outside...

(30/10) Time to go down to Skåne again, to attend the annual meeting and
the national championship 2004. We also had some time to visit Enok

Our old friend has a whole building for his disposal, all the other birds are locked in,
but not Enok, he guards the door. His owner’s boyfriend is one of them not to be let In…

(30-31/10) The yearly championship 2004 in Bjuv, many beautiful birds
was attending. Sadly, there were only a few large parrots attending.

Here are some samples of what you could see, Swift Parrot.

Mulga Parrot

Black-Breasted Thrush

King parrot, female

Praktstenknäck (Best in Show)

Great joy met the big ones when they came home again, and they had a large present
with them. The food supply is secured when 22 kg of tasty pellets will last a while.

(4-7/11) The last trip to the cottage, winter is here and time to go home.

(18/10-17/12) During these nine weeks, master has been at home only two. Youschi has
missed him heartily and become full of joy every time he came back home. Business trips
to among other Singapore, New York and Frankfurt seen above have been on the agenda.

In Singapore is a very beautiful bird park named
Jurong Bird Park. Master visited it during his trip.

(6/12) Last spring we found out that one of Gobis wings had the remaining parts from some of the
feathers shaft left under the skin and that they were impossible to remove. Today he had to amputate
the outermost part of that wing when there was no other solution. The reason was that they have
been there long before we got him, and a long going infection have dissolved the bone itself.

(10/12) This was a nice Christmas present, an even bigger cage!

(20/12) As you can see, Gobi is up and running again, Broccoli is lovely!

(24/12) Christmas Eve, toys to all the children! You can see Gobis amputated wing on the pictures.

(27/12) Fia has problems, the nice cupboards that were so nice to nest
in last year, are not accessible. Strong door magnets prohibit access.

The journey continues over 2005!