(1/1) New Year’s Day, still no weather to be out in, it rains all the time and is freezing.

(6/1) Time to get rid of the Christmas tree. Youschi cheats, and eats it instead...

(8/1) Time again for Stisse to live with us when his mate is in the mountains skiing.

The same day we went to visit the odd couple Manne and Grynet.

(20/1) This time of year is only about sitting close, doze and preening each other.

(1/2) Fia thinks of only one thing this time of the year, like every year this is the mating
season, time to find a man - She sits with her behind pointing up and hooting for a mate.

Youschi eats not only "Milk package thingies", also cinnamon bars are eatable.

(13/2) This time of the year sucks, not even the "big ones" have any ideas about what to do. The Christmas
greeting on the front page is now getting extremely embarrassing, but what can you do? There are no fun motifs.

(19/2) Filuren lives since Christmas together with the others
in the large cage, this must be celebrated with a party!

The Lovebird Clown and Youschi have a meeting on top of the bookcase.

Red Lored Wille is fooling around in the sofa.

Willes ten year older mate Lego. She is a lady and does not fool around in the sofa...

Bachelor Stisse is as always posing beautifully.

Hey, what’s this? Celebrities from another world, Garbo and Nisse did also attend!

They say that distinguished people arrive late, Yellow Naped Kalle arrived
first in the evening. However, he was the only one staying until midnight.

(8/3) TV celebrity again! However, this time was not so fun. By coincident the TV
team from the pet veterinary show was filming the day Gobis wing got amputated.

(10/3) Winter seems to never end. Last year, we were out poking in the soil the 28 of March...

(22/3) Happy Eastern! This year our cooperation to be photographed is 100 %.

(24/3) Toys for Amazon parrots, you wish! – After 30 minutes Filuren was done with them.

(25/3) SPRIIING! Finally, we never thought this day would come, and this three days
ahead of last years schedule! Finally time to lie in the sun and enjoy. Nevertheless,
we must still have that darn harness for some more time when our wings not are clipped.

The previous picture is not entirely true, in reality quite a lot of snow was still there...

Nice to stretch the wings, think if it was possible to fly freely.

(27/3) The god weather continues, soon we will get bedsore. Poor Fia and Filuren who
does not like the harness and therefore must wait indoor until they get their wings clipped.

The journey continues over April - June!