(10/4) On my back again...

Later that same day we went to visit Kalle, the sun was shining. However, it was chilly in the wind, so we stayed indoor instead.

Yellow-naped Kalle is here posing magnificent on his cage.

(17/4) The next weekend we went to Sala 100 km north-west of Stockholm and another birdfriend. However, he has more cockroaches, centipedes, toads, lizards, rats, polecats, fish, dogs and cats than birds. Therefore Youschi instead displays his new harness. His master got so tired of the former one made of soft fabric and cumbersome to wear that he made a new one entirely of metal. A description of the harness can be found at Articles\Improvements in your home .

(24/4) Today we visited the proud parents Soledad and Manuel. In spite the fact that Manuel to the right is a clown and Soledad a respected lady, they have now a three months old son.

Called "Klumpen" (lump) is already fully grown up and incredible enough of the same species as mother and father, Red sided Eclectus Parrot - green.

(4-8/5) Finally the winter is over and the first trip to Älvkarleby took place...

...Still, we did not know that this meant feather slaughter, something tough for both the big ones and us...

...After a while we all realise that it was worth it, to be out without restrains is wonderful!

The long winter made you almost forget how lovely newly spring blossom tastes.

Or how refreshing a walk in the forest or poking in the soil can be.

However, never think we cannot get anywhere because we are wing clipped, we can climb!

(14/5) Whitsunday and abolished holidays, who cares? There is always time for a picnic in the warm summer weather at the royal castle Drottningholm.

Fia who on the picture looks as big as a budgie, did not move more than necessary – to the nearest shoulder.

The Yellow-naped Amazon Kalle was also there together with his new friend...

...Blue fronted Hubba, age 32, here imbibing the view.

After a while the hooligan in him came forward, destroying the royal elm-tree, which is not allowed!

(28/5) The first annual parrot meeting outside the Maritime Museum in Stockholm, for a change, the weather was really good.

The Grey had talks about things we the Green ones did not understand…

As you can see, not only our camera had to work hard, you could only hang on the best you could.

(29/5) The Stockholm bird club in association with the Swedish Budgie club held an expo the same weekend in Spånga 10 km outside Stockholm. The main focus was on Budgies and pet parrots. However, on the picture is another species, a Red-browed Finch Aegintha temporalis.

You could also see one of our favourites among small birds, Goulds amadine.

(10-12/6) Back to Älvkarleby again...

(18/6) The bird keepers’ day was held for the third year in Helsingborgs Bird Park. New this year was the Black Swans…

...And a newly built house for Toucans, here a Channel Bill Toucan Ramphastos vitellinus.

And here a Black Neck Aracari Pteroglossus aracari.

However, what this day really is about are lectures about birds, the park itself can be visited during the breaks. This day you could hear lectures about the very old society founded in early 20th century named Kanaria (Canaria) and Canaries, the zoo and amusement park Parken Zoo outside Eskilstuna told us about their animals, a lecture was held about fruit and insect eaters, a picture presentation of a trip on the Amazon river showing pictures of wild Amazons and Macaws, and finally a lecture by veterinary Cecilia Trädgårdh about health care.

The journey continues over July - September.