(29/9-2/10) This is the best period to visit the cottage, it will say if the weather is fine. If not, you can always be indoors playing...

(7-9/10) The cottage trips are becoming to be routine, however, this time Kalle and Hubba went with us when their owner had to go for a trip without them, and Filuren is trying to bond as always since Gobi´s death.

This time the weather was fine and then it was nice to be out. Don't mind the size of me, the picture is lying. I'm not the size of a Pionus parrot!

(28-30/10) The last outdoor picture for this year, soon the cold will be here and the fact that we are about to fly again, will also stop all outdoor activities.

(5/6-11) Time again for the yearly championships, this year in Höör in Skåne. As always the small birds are in a clear majority...

On the picture, a pair of Zebra Waxbill.

A small gem, a red Crimson Seed-cracker.

Chicks of Japanese White-eye.

A Peter’s Twin-spot, male.

Juveniles of Yellow-billed Cardinal.

Some Swift Parrots.

And a Red-and-yellow Barbet.

A bit bigger, a whole family of Monk Parakeets.

Even bigger, Hartlaub's Turaco.

The best way to see big parrots, was to listen to Thomas Brosset's wery interesting lecture.

Gruff took the opportunity to meet our chairman for the Aviculture society of Sweden...

(18-20/11) Time to close the cottage for this year - When watching the thermometer, it was no doubt that it was time for that...

...It's freezing, literarily, time to go inside and stay inside until spring!

Filuren who now look great again, is still trying to pair up with Fia.

(1/12) Christmas is soon here, time for a shower!

(8/12) Merry Christmas! Time again for the yearly group photograph.

(11/12) When we talk about Gruff, it is always in a past tense; he was in the flowers, he bet in the electrical wire or he destroyed X. In other words, he is never still. On this picture, he took off the ring from a wrist watch.

(24/12) Gruff! Stay away from the Gingerbread house!

(27/12) The big ones have decided to renovate the kitchens, in other words chaos everywhere and to much time in the cage when they do not want us to help.

The journey continues over 2006!