(1/1-?) This year starts as the last ended, with dust, noice and too much time in jail. However, things seems to be better, now and then they let us out to help them.

Then we can investigate all interesting things they use when they renovate.

We also get stuff they think should be thrown away like this cork coaster...

And the food is delicious! No stove means junk food all the time.

(5/2) Is this a bad landing in the bed? Nope, only Gruff playing with a plastic bottle.

(25/2) Now and then Gruff preen Filuren.

(28/2) Today Gruff visited the vet to do a health check. The diagnosis was that he is a healthy boy.

(4/3) Candy, NOT for birds though...

(18/3) It takes longer time than expected to refurbish our home, boring...

Gruff however, continues to play in the bed. This time a one man rugby match.

(19/3) Outside the winter is still in control, so despite the ever ongoing refurbish it is better indoors.

(25/3) At this time of the year, Fia is as every year sitting with her bum in the air trying to mate.

Not the same species, but Filuren is a very handsome man.

Filuren tries to bond with Fia, but luckily for us, Fia is declining. Even when we think their chicks should be really cute, we do not want bastards!

The journey continues over April - June!