(1/4) Finally some spring weather and a chance for Gruff to be out and eat newly sprung Crocus flowers.

(2/4) Blackberry marmalade, the picture says more than a thousand words...

(8/4) Happy Easter!

(9/4) Outside again, Gruff tries to eat every bud on the oak tree...

...While Youschi flexes his wings in joy.

(23/4) Another sunny day, Youschi enjoys the treatment...

...However, to be out is tiresome.

(25/4) To be inside and play is not so tiresome.

(29/4-1/5) Finally, time to open the cottage for this year. Filuren and especially Fia are in the middle of the mating season - bottoms up!

Others however, are for once tired.

Harness on, and out we go for a new group picture. This year only Fia got her feathers clipped. Filuren dislikes the harness, but we think he will be used to it. Fia on the other hand is impossible to get accustomed to wear it and hence her feathers must be clipped.

To be out means a lot of biting.

Fia is not interested of biting; she prefers to sit on her favourite person even when it's quite low.

Gruff and Filuren plays along rather well as seen on the group picture; Gruff tries to help Filuren with the harness.

A small twig with flowers, nevertheless, mezereon is poisonous!

(6/5) An afternoon visit at Stisse and Dominos house, we guess Domino did not look forward to our visit if he knew that the plan was to clip his feathers...

...Finally outside everything was forgiven, Gruff, Stisse and Domino.

(13/5) The bird keepers’ day was held for the fourth year in Helsingborg’s Bird Park. This time we would like to push a bit for the park itself. Summer is here and that means vacations, go and visit the park! Last summer they opened this orangery full of small birds and butterflies.

Among all ordinary bird cages, they also have two large flight aviaries. This picture is from the inside of the aviary that you can access the inside of. This aviary contains different spices of birds with a straight bill.

This even bigger aviary is twice the size of the smaller one; it is not possible to go inside. It contains big parrots that fly back and forth, on the ground you can spot several spices of ground living birds like for example pheasants.

(19-21/5) Another group picture, this time with flowers when it is late spring, soon the summer is here for good.

Filuren likes to poke around in the dirt to see what it might hide.

(25/6) Flying means access to everything you are not supposed to have access to...

(27-28/5) These two days we attended a course where the "big ones" learned our perception of the world and how we react to it. The intention of the course is to get bird owners to better understand the psychological need a parrot have.

The course is held by Roslagstulls djurklinik in Stockholm and is very good; you cannot realize how much you humans have missed about our nature. Rumours say that this course will also be held in other cities in the future.

(3/6) Today is Gruff's one year birthday, congratulations!

(6/6) Sixth of June, Swedens national day, it is something about the flag...

(10/6) Summer, to sit in a birch for hours and enjoy life is great!

(17/6) From this year on, the parrot meetings outside the Maritime Museum in Stockholm are held by the club Swedish Companion Bird Association.

The announcement for this meeting was less than ten days ahead; despite this quite a few attended the event.

And as always when birds are outside, some confess that they are good flyers. Like this guy that sat for some hours in the top of a maple-tree.

Hungry, he finally decided to come down or was it because of all the fuss they made below to get him down?

Next flyer, she was to fat to fly they said. This is of course humiliating for a lady and she proved otherwise.

In the end three birds got their feathers clipped.

(22-25/6) Just another ordinary weekend when the birds do what they are not supposed to do.

Finally, time for holiday! Four weeks with no work!

The journey continues over July - September.