Orange-winged Amazon, Amazona amazonica

(7/7-14/7) Summer means travelling and as the latest years, a trip to the southern part of Sweden is on the agenda. Over seven days we went 2100 km by car, took 1700 pictures and kept 1300 of them, visited nine friends who breed parrots and one Bird Park. During the week we slept at five different locations.

Blue fronted Amazon chicks, Amazona a. aestiva.

Even when this bird lacks all the blue and white on the head, it is a Yellow-winged Amazon, Amazona aestiva xanthopteryx.

(8/7) This famous parrot from New Zeeland was amazing to witness. The Kea, Nestor notabilis emit so much curiosity and intelligence, so there were no doubts that it can thrash cars back at home or breed its chick up in the mountains in the middle of the winter.

Another curious bird, this sample of Cuban Amazon, Amazona l. leucocephala was really helpful in preening the photographs hair.

After a hard day, the road dust must be removed. Preening was on the agenda in the evenings, at the youth hostels where we slept.

(9/7) One day the big ones left us over the day at a friends place and took the ferry over to Denmark to visit a bird park.

Pallid Caique, Pionites m. pallida.

(10/7) We just had to see this beautiful Blue-cheeked Amazon from last year once more, Amazona d. dufresniana.

The yellow monster, they say he is a Double yellow headed amazon, Amazona ochrocephala oratrix even when the amount of yellow indicate that he might be one of the other more rare subspecies. Imagine if Gruff become this yellow...

Another night, another home....

(11/7) The Blue-throated Macaw, Ara glaucogularis is tricky to take pictures of, for unknown reasons they prefer to hang upside down from the roof. After three years we finally succeeded.

Hyacinthine Macaw, Anodorhynchus hyacinthinus, they do look playful…

Major Mitchell's Cockatoo, Cacatua l. leadbeateri.

Peek-a-boo, I can see you! Salmon-crested Cockatoo, Cacatua moluccensis.

(12/7) The big ones watched birds during the trip; we studied resting places and climbing trees.

(13/7) Family reunion, we met Gruff's mother and father.

(14/7) This one is really rare; we have never seen this subspecies of a Yellow-naped Amazon, Amazona ochrocephala hondurensis.

(20-28/7) Back from the 2100 km trip, we left Stockholm a few days later for a diving trip to Norway. This meant another 1000 km non-stop to get there!

Finally on site, we could be out and play provided that they were not diving. Totally submerged in water, stupid humans!

They say diving in cold water is heavy work, and therefore much food is needed. Luckily there where always leftovers...

(31/7) This summer is really warm; a shower now and then is always welcome!

(2-6/8) Gruff and Filuren like to preen each other. Normally this includes a lot of quarrel.

This is a warm summer and I do look cute when having my shower!

(11-13/8) Time out! What happened? After nineteen months the big ones left us for a wedding!? Birds were not allowed they said. This was extra traumatic for Gruff when this was his first time since he left the egg.

(26/8) Gobi, 1968-26/8-2005

One year of deeply felt loss.

(18-20/8) Out in the countryside again, wonder what's inside this stump?

Dinner is served, a bowl full of fruit, yummy!

(25-27/8) Autumn is close and in the forests mushrooms shows up as seen on this group photo.

(31/8) Autumn - winter - Christmas, not really, but the box full of toys gives you that feeling.

This colourful, strange, flexible, annoying thingy is for example really fun!

(1/9) Slowly we are getting world famous, the latest issue of Amazona society USA has our summer picture on the front page!

(10/9) The last summer meeting was held a sunny and warm September day, and as always we had some runaways...

As you can see there were quite a few of us green beautiful amazons, a really nice view!

(30/9) This weekend we visited Spånga Animal Gymnasium, there we found these thrilling and easy to make toys made of maple leafs.

The journey continues over October - December.