(6-8/10) Up to the cottage again and the wilderness, who can reach the top first?

(14/10) This day the first indoor meeting was held by The Swedish Pet Bird Association, some got tired only by being there...

...Others like Gruff took the opportunity to flex their wings, flying is really fun!

(15/10) Believe it or not, but this picture is taken in the middle of October. It's way too warm!

(20-22/10) Yet another group picture, this will be the last one taken out doors.

All leafs have fallen off the trees and it is soon time to stay indoors.

(27-29/10) The warm weather is continuing and makes it possible to hang out newly coloured toys to dry.

(4/11) This little fella is something to celebrate; he is the first Festive Amazon (A. amazona festiva) to be born in Sweden.

(5/11) Time for the Aviculture society of Sweden's annual meeting, this time in Landskrona. Meetings are boring, but as always there was a bird exhibition to watch.

Zebra Finches (Taeniopygia guttata)

Rameron Pigeon (Columba arquatrix)

(10-12/11) This is it, now the ice is coming to our dear summer house, time to shut it down and wait for the spring.

(18/11) Moss is something the "big ones" use as Christmas decoration.

(19/11) This is me when newly showered.

(3/12) Merry Christmas!

(1-23/12) If you wonder why only Gruff is on the pictures, this is why. Winter is the same as boredom, except for Gruff, nothing really happens.

(8-23/12) During these days Kalle and Hubba stayed at our home when their owner was abroad.

(24/12) A new friend, Pricken and Gruff found each other on Christmas Eve. The sad thing was though that they joined forces against all others.

Christmas also means that you can sit on your favourite shoulder with your favourite friend.

(26/12) What edible is left after Christmas?

The journey continues over 2007!