(3/1) A new year and a new era? This is not how it should look outside the window...

(4-7/1) Time for another exhibition were we where an important part in the marketing for our club. Our showcase was well visited; at times it was really hard to get into it.

Youschi was working hard with promoting the association's paper.

The good thing was the food you could find when it was unattended, the bad thing was the lack of having the meal in peace.

As you can see, there where quite a few of us working hard for the club. As the day went by, more and more of us went for the tree.

(21/1) Finally the snow arrived, we better stay indoors.

(18/2) Hi! This is where I stay during the winter season, it’s far too cold and dark to do something fun.

Gruff on the other hand, likes to be around and if not too chilly, sometimes he is even outdoors.

(24-26/2) For three days we were at Fjärilshuset in the Haga Park on a small exhibition where our bird club was on display. The nice thing with a hothouse is the fact that you can fly freely…

…and when it is quite far to the roof, they can not reach us when we have fun with the foliage.

Luckily for them, it is tiresome to play around, so the damage was not that big.

Youschi stayed mostly on a lower level in the hothouse. Here we can see him sitting on a magazine outside the table and hence, showing how light he is.

(10/3) This year the spring came really early. After only 44 days with snow, the winter was gone for this year. Lovely, but strange!

(11/3) Today we got the opportunity to visit Inti, a Red fronted macaw. He is only six months old and very cute.

(25/3) Today was Youschi's first day outside...

...together with Gruff he was exploring the ground...

...and found many interesting things that were to be seen and investigated.

(31/3) Happy Easter!

The journey continues over April - June!