(1/4) This years first freshly picked flower, yummy!

Youschi thinks whites are better.

In the end they agreed that Coltsfoot was the best.

(5-6/4) During the Eastern, we spent another two days at Fjärilshuset. The same routine and setup was used as the previous event.

Kalle a Yellow Naped Amazon cuddled in one of the trees.

Youschi on the other hand, ran often around on the ground searching for titbits.

As you can see, many visitors came to se us…

…something Filuren thought was scary and then hid in the trees.

(7-9/4) This year everything is early, first no real winter, then the first trip to Älvkarleby occurs almost one month before the ordinary date. When the temperature was high up on the thermometer, Gruff took the opportunity together with Pricken to be out.

(12/4) The art of having a shower in the kitchen sink is something Youschi tries to master. The say parrots are smart, still Youschi is taking the shower beside the water droplets from the tap.

He looks cute however...

(15/4) For the first time in Sweden, an indoor free flight event took place. At Fjärilshuset they have one empty hothouse measuring 30 by 30 meters that we had free access to during one afternoon.

Filuren also took the opportunity to try his wings…

…and as you can see, it is also possible to fly when they look really ugly like this…

…The reason for the ugly feathers was water. We could not open up the hatches in the roof to let out the heat when there were no net to shield them. This resulted in a practical test of what a hothouse can do, heat. So the birds had to shower regularly to keep cool.

Gruff who is a really great flyer, flew among the metal struts in the ceiling.

Another good flyer was Abeni that thought this was so fun that she did not want to go back to the cage. We had to spend quite some time to catch her.

(11-13/5) Yet another trip to the cottage at Älvkarleby and another group picture to replace the Easter greeting.

Since almost a month, hormones are everywhere. Looking for nesting holes, doing mating dances, aggressiveness and all other behaviours connected to mating are happening all day long. Fia who is the only female in the flock, do what females do, sit with the behind high…

…Or being in bed with your favourite male. Wrong colour though.

(16-20/5) When an attractive male parrot like Filuren is trying to get it together with Fia, a picture says more than a thousand words.

Pit stop, it is time to fix the long claws.

At the same time Filuren is investigating some nest material. Or is he only playing with the twig?

Pricken and Gruff are out searching for nest material and playing around.

Youschi seems to be a tenderfoot when he decided to sit on another foot rather than investigating the ground.

You are not taking pictures of us, are you?

(26/5) Today we went on a trip with our bird club called STF to visit a bird breeder. He had a broad variety of spices, from Amazon parrots, African parrots, to Love birds and fowls. On this picture you can see a Senegal Parrot…

…and here a Meyer’s parrot…

…and finally, a Blue Fronted Amazon parrot.

(3/6) The same tree stump as one year ago - today is Gruff’s second birthday. No one can say that he is small, juvenile or harmless. We talk about a Yellow Headed Amazon parrot, and they got a lot of self-confidence and stubbornness! Congratulations, Gruff!

(6/6) The Swedish national day is a perfect day for a picnic with friends. Hubba, Stisse, Domino, Anna and Nico were attending.

Here we see the Red Lored Amazon parrot Nico…

…and his friend Anna, a Yellow Fronted Amazon parrot.

(10/6) Today this year’s first summer meeting with the bird club was held. As always the weather was perfect and more than forty parrots joined the event.

Some had their wing feathers clipped, others where carrying a harness. As you can see, even the small ones got them even if they look rather big.

Much larger birds where also attending, like Klara, a Scarlet Macaw.

(15-17/6) Youschi show us his skills in finding a good nest. We are still in the middle of the mating season and are all a real pain, they say.

(21-24/6) After many failures, Gruff finally found out how to reach the window roller blind.

Even when he is two and gets more and more attitude, we like him a lot and when he early got trained to wear a harness, he is often the only one who can follow us when we are out walking.

(26/6) Today Chico visited us, she is from way up north in Sweden, and even when she only started her summer trip, she has already travelled 1000km.

(30/6) Nearly one month ago, Gruff, our youngest member became two and the big ones are really missing the cuddly, juvenile and harmless version of us. Therefore they visited a friend that got ten youngsters. This Red Lored Amazon is thirty days old.

Another picture, it is not easy to stand straight. The legs tend to slide as it did for Bambi if the surface is too smooth.

The last picture shows an even younger Red Lored and the really tiny one is a ten day old Golden Macaw.

Summer means showering outdoors!

The journey continues over July - September!