(5-7/10) One month after the bite only some stains remain.

Autumn is here!

(12-14/10) Youschi is playing with a piece of wood and the wound is now completely healed.

(20-21/10) This weekend we attended a workshop on parrot behaviour and training held by the world famous Barbara Heidenreich.

By using a technique called positive reinforcement, we thought Gruff to fly to us on a given command.

Only a few birds were allowed to attend the workshop, and our Gruff thought this was fun and flew happily to us.

(22/10) Today Filuren left us. We are all missing him so much!

(12-14/10) The weekend directly after Filuren's departure we attended another exhibition. To do something felt important in the process of adapting to a life after Filuren. Youschi added the final touch to the destroyed book on display.

Lots of visitors helped us to forget for a while.

Gruff was looking for a new friend after Filuren, first you need some flowers...

...Then he found Mojje, a 25 year old yellow fronted that had not met another bird for ages.

Peek-a-boo, I can see you!

(1-4/11) Manufacturing of toys is always fun, the trick is to avoid the dye.

Fia is in the middle of her moulting period and looks really shaggy.

What happened with my toys?

(16-18/11) Last trip to the cottage, the ice is about to settle and we must go.

(24/11) The autumn's free flying event took place this sunny day. Youschi realised that a thin wire is a bad perch to stay on.

He also looked after the magazines that were on display.

Gruff found another friend that he stayed with, Yellow naped Kalle.

(13/12) Time for this year's Christmas picture, three is not exactly a crowd.

(24/12) Christmas Eve, alone and tired.

(26/12) Flying is fun, and you can always reach locations you are not supposed to...

...and find toys that are not to play with, like this frame for the light switch.

Later that day we visited Stisse and Domino, can I join you?

The journey continues over 2008!