(3-6/1) As for last year, we attended the Sollentuna pet fair.

This time we had a bigger stand, and more places to sit out of the way...

...still it got crowded now and then...

...The only way out was to sit high...

...or one someone’s shoulder.

(8/1) We have got another cage at our second home; this one is two meters wide, one point nine meter high and one meter deep.

(12/1) Winter? Nah, more like autumn when there is still no snow and the temperature above zero.

(13/1) This day we got the opportunity to stretch our wings!

(20/1) Last year the honeysuckle had leafs in early January. This year they are still healthy in late January, what is happening?

(27/1) Time for a new group picture, something we did not cooperate in the making of...

(9/2) Today, we had the opportunity to freely fly indoors. This is good training for the free flying event in March.

(2/3) This screwdriver is skewed!

(8/3) Today we attended the free flying event with the pet bird club. On display, the Golden Macaw Fia…

…and Klara, a Scarlet Macaw.

Gruff was playing around, here with Manne.

(9/3) Happy Easter!

(13/3) I prefer tap water, not the lukewarm from the bowl.

(16/3) Time for a shower! Gruff…


…and the two of them together. Fia is always clean and won't shower in public.

(16/3) Spring, warm weather and newly sprung coltsfoot, lovely!

(20-22/3) Say it again! Spring? During Easter the weather got a real backlash. Wonder where the coltsfoot went...

The planned group picture had to be taken indoors. Stay put!

(23/3) Soon spring must be here for good, wait and see!

(31/3) The little rascal! The bookshelf is restricted area!

The journey continues over April - June!