(2/4) When coming home from work this Wednesday, Youschi’s scream had a slightly different tone, it was a bit shriller and he was not at the bars looking for me. Instead he was really angry and sitting on a lower perch.

After a few seconds, the cause was obvious, he had no lower beak! The tongue was clearly visible and not fully coagulated blood shining red.

What had happened? Youschi gets very aggressive during the mating season and had likely attacked Gruff soon three years old and twice as big. Youschi’s small beak got obliterated by the sheer strength from Gruff’s beak.

Later that evening after visiting the veterinary who ordered him antibiotics and painkillers, gave him fluid subcutaneous to restore his fluid balance, it was obvious that he was not that affected and seemed to have no trauma. Even if a bit tired, he was irritated over the fact that he could not eat pellets. Holding them between his tongue and upper beak, they did not break!

When trying to find the missing lower beak in the cage, only small pieces, clean from blood or tissue, could be found. As seen on the picture, the pieces indicate that it shattered and fell off before the bleeding started. The amount of blood was not excessive, only a few drops were to be found. In the lower right of the picture, is the apex of the lower beak that normally interact with the upper part.

(3/4) A happy and mating-dancing Gruff. Even if he was the cause for the incident the day before, we love him!

24 hours after the incident, we visited the veterinary again. She wanted to inspect the wound and we to discuss the future. Even if we were shaky, Youschi was calm and stuffed himself with mashed potatoes and fruit-syrup cream. Except from the problem with his favourite food pellets, he ate everything we gave him that he could swallow.

(10/4) After a few days, the wound stabilised and looked like this. Will he ever get a new beak, what will happen with the upper still growing beak? Do we need to grind it frequently? The amount of unanswered questions was never ending.

(18-21/4) Still, we had the routine after all earlier incidents with our birds so life went on and we did a trip to the cottage.

Fia, who still had her beak in pristine shape, took the opportunity to destroy the perch in one of the kennels.

The weather was now much warmer, still, it was better to sit indoors and watch the scenery.

Gruff, more used to the harness, went outside and started to play with what he could find.

Group picture, finally one outside!

Youschi has started to eat enormous amounts of food. During the nine years we have had him his weight has been 240g, now he peaks at +260g!


(22/4) Natalie 9 years old wrote to the Swedish national television children’s show Bolibompa and asked how to get a parrot to talk. Gruff and Fia attended the show and kept quiet; we speak when we want to! Besides, what would have happened if we had said something? All over the country parents would then have problems to refuse the demand to buy a talking parrot. That would have been a disaster!

(25/4) Youschi has always demanded full size pellets, no divided pieces or crumbles were ok. Today he realised that the smallest version made for Canaries and sick birds, tastes just as good. So from now on, he will eat healthy food again and we do not need to feed him with soft food to the same amount.

Please do not tell him that he is eating food intended for Canaries! Then he might stop eating them.

(26/4) Drinking and taking a shower in the kitchen sink, is something Youschi now do quite often. Especially drinking, you get thirsty by never having the mouth closed.

(29/4-4/5) Someone must have scared Youschi with gloves when he was young. He hates gloves, laying somewhere or on your hand makes no difference, he will attack them.

The weather is still fabulous and Gruff sits often in a tree outside when we are at the cottage.

(9-11/5) Today Youschi lost the crust and as you can see, the wound looks healthy. Wonder if the beak will grow back? Surprisingly the upper beak is still not too long or in any way distorted. Obviously Youschi is keeping the beak in trim despite the lack of a lower beak.

As we said, he sits often in the tree and study the scenery.

(12/5) Mating season, Fia a hen, is sitting with her behind pointing up and making strange noises.

(16-18/5) Yet another weekend in the summerhouse, Fia is investigating the larder.

(25/5) Time for this year’s first summer pick-nick with the bird club, Youschi found a calm spot beneath the table.

What about his beak? As you can see it looks healthy.

(30/5-1/6) Summerhouse again, Youschi is preening himself from his watch post in the doorway to the dry privy.

(5-8/6) A bit late when you became three the third of June Gruff. Happy birthday!

Today was the day when Fia got her wing feathers clipped. When she refuses so hard to wear a harness, this is the only solution. Luckily, she accepts this treatment very well.

Still, she prefers to be inside and destroy the crossword puzzle.

Still nothing new growing, will Youschi get a new beak? Except for this, he is just as angry and active as he used to be before the accident.

Summer in the hammock, great!

(19-22/6) Even better, freshly picked wild strawberries!

A cone is fun to play with…

(29/6) Maybe something is growing, if so, it goes extremely slow.

The journey continues over July - September!