(7/7) Summer holiday, four weeks of leisure!

After all, it is 2008, let's increase the picture size!

(7-12/7) Holiday, first stop was a 6000km trip back and forth to France...

(15/7) Why France? Because of me...

(21-26/7) After the trip we went to the summer house.

Hi, my name is Morran! I'm a female Mealy Amazon, more precisely Guatemala (Amazona farinosa guatemalae).

(27/7-2/8) When the weather was extremely good, we went back to town only for 24 hours before going back to the summer house.

(10/8) When I get big, I will fly! Need more practice though and maybe some more feathers...

(15-17/8) Summer house again. Hopefully, Gruff and Morran will com along over time; the first real meeting was not a success. Morran got scared of Gruff who tried to make contact and preen her.

The first group picture, four of us again.

What about Youschi's beak? Still unknown, it grows slowly however.

(23/8) I got my ring some weeks ago, this time someone else got married. Do I match the flower bouquets?

(26/8) Three years ago Gobi passed away, we still miss him.

(28/8) Time for a shower...

...Morran also likes to clean her feathers.

Still to young to eat by herself, she now starts to get interested of food and if hungry enough, tries some on her own.

(29-31/8) Soon I will fly, and then I will need the harness.

(1/9) The sound from our iPod was intermittent, today we realised why...

(7/9) Picnic, however, Morran seems to have her doubts.

Stisse and Domino, nothing new, they where sleeping.

(11-19/9) Once more, Norway!

I'm four months old, and I have been to France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and now Norway. The strange thing is that I recently got the hang of flying...

Being outside is fun, still, I prefer to sit in this window and watch the surroundings.

All together in Norway.

(19-21/9) Back in Sweden again, wonder what's hiding in the grass?

Gruff who knows what's hiding in the grass, is playing whit a piece of wood.

Hiding in the tree...

...Still, playing is more fun.

(27/9) When I'm tired, I like to cuddle and hide my head deep down.

(29/9) What about Youschi's beak? He is still way to aggressive, attacking Gruff and therefore getting another bite.

The journey continues over October - December.