(01-03/10) After dinner it's time to cuddle and then even Victoria can lend a corner of her cage, but only just...

On weekends during daytime, we are still outside most of the time playing with things like this half rotten log.

(6/10) Peek-a-boo, I can see you! Come down from the top shelf Gruff!

(8-10/10) What have I told you about taking pictures of me this time of the year when I'm all a mess?!

They all molt heavily during this time of the year and lot of time is spent on preening.

Yummy, a peanut!

Hmm, the leaves are turning yellow, a bad sign...

Yep, that means winter is soon here. I'm leaving!

(21/10) This is what we play with when in the town.

(22/10) Three years have now passed; even if life goes on we still think about you Filuren and have always a hard time when seeing your relatives.

(22-24/10) Ok, autumn is not all about winter-soon-be-here, it's also about mushrooms.

The days are getting shorter and the evening starts early.

A lovely summer picture? Far from, this picture was taken at 22:25 and what you see is the moonlight and not the sun. Gives you a warm feeling, nevertheless, the water on the bridge and on the river is ice...

Gruff can confirm this fact the day after, brrr!

(29-31/10) So what's the issue? I can if I want accept a human hand.

This is so lovely, maybe I should do this more often?

Carry on, nothing more to see!

This time of the year the Nuthatch is busy collecting food for the winter. Crazy as they are, they stay in Sweden during the winter...

...They are searching everywhere, only a meter away and not afraid of us...

...Bird pellets are tasty food and they went so far in collecting them that we had to stop feeding our birds outside when the Nuthatch emptied the bowl in half an hour...

Still, we gave them lots of crushed pellets that our birds dismissed.

(4-7/11) November, there cannot be that many days left before we must close the summerhouse for the winter.

Preening the last molted feathers means also that we soon will be less tired when molting consumes energy.

IT feels like an ever ongoing night after the summer...

...The sun goes almost down before coming up.

That equals low temperatures and we are only outdoors for an hour after noon when the temperature is at its peak.

15:30 and sunset, time to go indoor again.

Only the Nuthatch is still outside searching for food...

...they are lucky when we gave them vast amounts of pellets. Good night!

(28/11) Our friend Tony Sanches have made a drawing from Filuren. Now you will be on the wall together with Youschi, Fia and Gobi

(12-14/11) It was no doubt that this was the last weekend before winter when it now was up to full speed.

Let's go inside, pack and go home! If we are lucky, the winter will loosen its grip sooner next spring and we can go up early in April, that's almost five months from now :o(

(4/12) Talk about a winter, late November we got lots of it. Temperatures keeping below minus ten and well above 50cm of snow. Where will this end?

(5/12) An early Christmas present, new toys for us!

Manne was the first to inspect this thingy called Buffet Ball with Kabob. Then Gruff took over and after less than 30 minutes we heard a big bang from the cage. At the bottom of the cage was the plastic ball and dish, only the steel rod was still hanging from the roof of the cage. What happened, the foraging toy looked so sturdy and now it was in pieces?

After a while we understood what happened, curious parrots do not always examine and play the way we expect...

...The cube at the bottom of the rod is released by pushing it on the side, when the weight of everything above push downwards, everything will come loose and fall to the bottom of the cage.

We have solved the bad design by locking the button with a screw. It is now not possible to use it as a spear for food and only for hiding food in the sphere. Nevertheless, it is still much fun to play with. When you think of it, why have food easily accessible on the spear at the same time as you hide it in the sphere? Seems counter-productive...

Update 25/1-2011, it is still working, in one piece and provides lots of fun. The modification did the trick.

(19/12) Go away winter, this is boooring!


Christmas dinner, yummy!

And after that we sleep...

(25/12) Even during the winter we have things to do and even dedicated areas with lots of toys. Gruff is the number one player.

The journey continues over 2011!