(3/4) A wet and cute Youschi.

(9/4) Gruff playing on his back...

...regardless where he is.

(9-10/4) This weekend we attended a course called "Living & Learning With Animals - a short course in applied behavior analysis" held by Ph.D. Susan Friedman.

(15/4) Time again to graft new feathers on to Victoria's wings. Slowly she gets more and more feathers and as you can see, something looking like a tail, they are her own.

(20-25/4) Easter, hot Spring weather and time to open up the summer house!

Can it be better? Except for the lack of leaves on the trees, the weekend was like if during the summer with temperatures close to 30 degrees Celsius.

Victoria tries to climb the tree, after almost a meter we had to stop her...

Not only parrots where around, this White-tailed Eagle tried to catch a Common Goldeneye only getting away by diving under the ice shelf. The big eagle flew like a Hummingbird and was extremely good at acrobatics.

Do not ask what Fia was doing in the bed, Youschi got so aroused he got fussy on the picture.

Having a shower outdoors...


...or playing with the hanging log the easy...

...or hard way...

...and what's hiding in the ground?

Hey, what are you doing?

(8/5) The number one shower addict is Manne. He loves to get soaked by water and prefers to hang upside down to let the water penetrate his feathers.

(28/5) Fia is a pain this year, she is extremely turned on and is only focusing on nesting, chewing and claiming turf. Even if still tame and nice to us, she attacks the others including Gruff, and that will never end well.

(1-6/6) It is raining...

The Wagtail found our house for firewood to be a good nesting place, after two weeks these two were ready to take off.

(24-26/6) Now I'm on the lawn...

...and now in the large cage. This was fun!

Where are Fia and Youschi you might wonder? She tried to attack Gruff and got bitten (not badly) in her leg through the net. Therefore, she is in another cage until we have installed double layer net between the cages.

Meanwhile, Morran is doing thing inside the house... Hey, go, or fly, away from there!

(29/6) Next week our summer holiday will start.

That is not all, in September we will move from our apartment to a house on the countryside. Two kilometers of gravel road to get there and few neighbors that will be affected by our singing. The picture shows the road and the view southward from the house, lovely!

Maybe we will do some updates during the summer, we would like to, but as you might understand we will be extremely busy until installed in the house.

Have a nice summer!

The journey continues over July - September!