(1/1) A new year and I'm alert, where are the big ones?

(3/1) Aha, a nut...

Great snack in front of the fireplace.

(6/1) Or in the swing.

(13/1) So what's lurking next to our night lamp in the kitchen?

Lots of stuff below.

Eaten insects...


The perfect spot for a European garden spider. Its web placed next to the lamp acting as a lure for the flies. The result, an easy catch...

(19/1) A blue sky, a perfect day for a stroll... Or maybe not, is it minus 25?

Yep, the birds are eating all they can get during the few hours the sun is up.

Eighteen hours of darkness is no fun at all when you try to survive.

We only see the Yellowhammer during cold times like this. Btw, reminds a bit of a Canary finch.

This specimen took the risk to stay during the winter. The normal behaviour for the Common Chaffinch is to migrate to the south.

And this? First we thought they were producing ice cream, that was before we found out they were males...

(23/1) Markings in the snow - this one is simple, a bird with its body and wing tip.

But these? What can make these long and well defined markings?

We have no clue, feathers, but how? As you can see there are no footprints in the snow. Whoever did this did not touch the ground with anything else, and there are no indications of anything being picked up from or chased on the ground.

Even more of them and several of them over half a meter long. The only footprints you see are from humans...

(27/1) Go away winter!

(2/2) Wrong cage! Once more we forgot to secure the cage and found Gruff outside when coming back.

We were more fortunate this time when it seems like Gruff had only been out for a while and his first target was Morran's empty cage.

As you can see, he quickly "got a full house" in emptying Morran's foraging toy.

(26/2) During a walk in the forest we found this "dead" larvae lying on the snow. It was around minus ten and it didn't move. It woke up Well inside in the warm kitchen and then we found out that it was a fox moth larvae. Normally they show up in April and can be found on top of the snow.

Now it sleeps in a pot and we'll see if it will become a butterfly.

(2/2) Hmm, chocolate...

Too far away...

Aha, got it!

(3/2) So what's this, a washed-out Great tit? Nope the Coal Tit looks like this and has a white nape.

As you can see it is also much smaller, even smaller than the Blue Tit.

(6/2) Proof that I haven't used my work bench for a while. It was full of small spiders, hundreds of them...

(18/2) We're getting sloppy, Gruff escaped again.

(24/2) So... Whose stupid idea was it to put me on this cold and uneven fence?!

Warm weather or not, it's not time for us to be outside yet! We prefer green grass and leaves.

(11/3) Another escape. When cleaning the cage Kalle, our Java Sparrow, escaped and flew into the living room.

(17/3) Hey you at the other side of the net, what do you say is it spring and time for us to be outside? I myself, think it is way too much snow.

(26/3) Easter is here and still minus twelve during the nights. Will there ever be a spring and warm summer? Last year wasn't. Next time we update the page we will know more.

The journey continues over April-June!