(3/4) The final sign for late spring, the Wagtail has arrived. At least one week early.

(7/4) The Brambling will soon leave and go north.

(13/4) This one we don't see often, a Hawfinch.


(17-20/4) We finally got time to go to the summer house to open it up for this season. Fia started to gnaw on one of the roots in her part of their aviary.

But then she found a better root.

Hmm, I wonder how deep it can get?


What's outside the cage? Can I reach that twig?

Just about.

Hey, what are you doing over there?

Fia is not to trust, I better sit here.


So, how deep did it go? 15cm, not bad, are you guys up to something?

Gruff did his part of dirt work.

(30/4) Another sunflower seed lover, a Red squirrel.

(30/4-3/5) Going to the summer house again. Is this a suitable nest?

Nope, a bit too soft.

One among the last summer guests to arrive, the European pied flycatcher.

Fia continued her task to obliterate that root so we had to give her something else to chew on.

(10/5) We went to the animal day in Jakriborg, Skåne.

(16-18/5) Summer house again and this time a Common snipe ended up in front of the camera.

When flying during courtship, it is flying high in circles and then taking shallow dives to produce a "drumming" sound by vibrating its tail feathers.

Here you clearly see one of the feathers at the side of the tail that create the sound.

Guess what Fia was doing that weekend?

(21/5) Goldcrest, we have a couple of them nesting around our house.

Goldcrest is the smallest European bird having a weight of about 6g.

(25/5) Starlings, almost fully grown. They make a lot of noise when being fed.

(27/5) This was fun, during a couple of days the Eurasian bullfinch was on our lawn eating dandelion seeds.

To see them on the ground eating like that was a cute sight.

Especially the red male ones.

(28/5) Fia did it again; Youschi didn't know what to say.

(29/5) So what have you been up to?

Should have guessed...All in all she produced five eggs this year.

I need a man!

(30/5-1/6) Warm weather, even the evenings.

Fia was getting really good at what she was doing...

(4/6) Just outside our front door we have some Thuja trees. When some twigs started to show up inside it we understood that Magpies were building a nest. After a couple of weeks we took a short ladder (it was only two metres up) and put a camera above what should be the nest. Yep, there were three hungry chicks in there.


In one of our birdhouses we found this chick of Great tit. His siblings left the nest the day before. This one was about to leave too.

Also cute.

(8/6) Feeeeeeeed me!!!

When you took one of them out it was obvious from their curious eyesight that Magpies are intelligent birds.

(14/6) Soon ready to leave the nest. The white spots are sunlight.

Talk about long legs.

When you open its bill, you clearly see the Choanal Papillae. Healthy-sharp papillae, pointed projecting from the choanal borders are characteristic of a healthy bird.

Another bird of summer, Red-backed shrike.

(29/6) Coal tit - What do they say, being a parent is hard work?

Gimme that twig!

Another bird in a nest, the Wood pigeon has its nest in our large Syringa.


The journey continues over July - September!