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This page is full of funny pictures, nice adventures and other information that might give the impression that it is a simple task, idyllic or at least not extremely hard to live with a tame parrot.

Our intention when we created this page was to inform about what it means to have a large tame parrot and what you must do to succeed.

A parrot is an extremely social and intelligent bird; it demands a lot of attention and is at the same time equipped with a powerful beak and an enormous voice. To succeed, you must get control of all this and it is an ongoing struggle. We invest a lot of time with our birds and we do it every day. A parrot is not possible to put away and only cuddle with when you have time, it must happen regularly and every day!

We have a large network within Sweden and can only notice that many familiesí fails more or less with their birds. In most cases one of the above mentioned issues is the reason behind it. They have not enough time or have not understood what is required from them to get a working relation with the bird. The knowledge that the different species or subspecies normally differs a lot and that they change even more when getting sexually mature is something else many does not know about or misunderstands. It is not always the owners fault; often the salesperson lacks knowledge or fails in telling you the birds demand on you when buying a parrot. For example, many compare the relation with having a dog and that is completely wrong.

In other words, it is up to you to find the necessary information and to not fool yourself. Do not think for example that the salesperson always tells you the true story, very likely you will hear what you want to hear or repress the bad part to be able to buy the bird when it is so cute!

We think our Webpage is a good start on this journey and if you plan to purchase a parrot that you also buy some books about training and behaviour mentioned on our book page.

We recommend you to start reading these pages:

However, if you have time, knowledge and commitment, then the chances are likely that you will have as much fun with your bird that we have with ours!

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